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How To Build a Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria

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Are you looking to start a water bottling plant in Nigeria? 

This post contains the basic details on how to go about it.Water plays a very critical role in the existence of human life. An investment in this water bottling plant in Nigeria is therefore a smart investment option where you should expect to have a very high returns on your investment in a very short time.

Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria-Flat conveyor

So if you're ready, I'll show you steps to build a water bottling plant in Nigeria.

You need an effective plan for water bottling plant

Having a clear and detailed pure water bottling plant plan in place will serve to give you an edge for grant applications, in writing business proposals, to apply for business loans and so on. Your business plan should include all the details for your startup, this includes: description of your pure water bottling plant in Nigieria, your product description.Your operational goals, both long and short term, risks in the business and specific strategies to tackle these risks. A financial analysis of the intended costs of running the business, acquiring equipment and projected profits.

Establish the water bottling plant in Nigeria

You will have to acquire a land to construct and establish a pure water factory in Nigeria. You don't need any elaborate building, a small bungalow with few rooms should do. The water bottling plant in Nigeria should be structured thus:

l A storage room to store raw materials

l A water production line room

l A second storage room for finished products

l Changing room

l Administrative room

l Bathroom and toilet

PESTOPACK is a manufacturer of water bottling plant for sale, we can design layout for all water machines into workshop according to customer's workshop size.

Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria-Layout-Design

Register with the Corporate Affairs Commission

It is very important that as a water bottling plant business in Nigeria,you are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria(CAC).As you start up your water bottling plant business in Nigeria, you will need a business name and a business logo, so it is a good idea to take out time in picking a suitable name for the business. Once this is done, go ahead and register your business name with the CAC. This is not hard to do and usually takes two to three weeks max to Complete.

Register with NAFDAC

Once done, you have to register your pure water bottling plant business in Nigeria with NAFDAC so as to access their approval before you can start production. This process takes upwards of three months before it can be completed for receiving your certificate.Your processing fee shouldn't cost more than N50,000. Note that all requirements must be met for your water bottling plant business in Nigeria to be approved by NAFDAC.Without the approval and certification from NAFDAC you cannot produce or sell pure water in Nigeria.

Equipment required to start a water bottling plant in Nigeria

Here are all equipment you will need to establish your water bottling factory in Nigeria.

l A pure water distillation system

| Bottle blowing machine

l Water filling machine

| Labeling machine

| Packing machine

Water Distillation System

There are various kinds of water purification systems including, distillation, reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, ultra violet light filtration system amongst others. Your water bottling plant should have a highly effective water purification system in place. You will have to study each method carefully and select the one that suits you most. Distillation, ultra violet light filtration and reverse osmosis are however the most commonly used water purification systems in Nigeria.

Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria-water treatment_00

Bottle Blowing Machine

Most customers will choose semi automaitc bottle blowing machine for starting the water bottling plant business. If you have enough budget, you also can choose full automatic bottle blowing machine instead of, which have high efficiency and high capacity.

Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria--semi auto bottle blowing machine 3-5 gallon

Water Filling Machine

Water filling machine can automatically complete washing,filling and sealing. There are actually different types of water filling machines, from the very small ones to the huge automatic ones mentioned above. It is however highly recommended that if you can afford it, you get the specialized automatic machines that can serve multiple functions.

Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria-water filling machine

Labeling Machine

It is suitable for labeling before and after filling when the bottle type label is required for pasting. Mainly used in beverage, daily chemical, condiment and other industries.

  • Shrink sleeve labeling machine

  • OPP Hot melt labeling machine

  • Stick labeling machine

Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria-Labeling-machine

Packing Machine

It is widely used in the combination packaging of beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products. No matter whether it is square, round, or flat, it can be packaged and has excellent visual effects. It is the preferred matching equipment for water filling production line.

  • PE film wrapping machine

  • Semi auto shrink wrapping machine

  • Carton packing machine

Water Bottling Plant in Nigeria-Packing-Machine

Hiring workers

When planning for your new startup of water bottling plant in Nigeria, be prepared to factor in costs for hiring factory workers. This is unavoidable given the many processes involved in pure water production line even when an automatic system is being implemented. You will need to hire workers to perform tasks like loading, offloading, accounting, driving, counting, supervision, etc.

Have distributors

Although most small pure water factories do not have registered distributors, it would help to have distributors registered under you. This way, you can enjoy a larger market share with increased revenue. A good way of doing this is to take your proposal public. Publish ads on newspapers, magazines etc. Next, you want to fully take your water bottling plan business online in Nigeria to give it the kind of exposure you desire.


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