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5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

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5 Gallon Water Filling Machine for Sale

The 5 gallon water filling line is specially for 3-5 gallons barreled drinking water ,with type PTGF-100,PTGF-200,PTGF-300,PTGF400,PTGF-600,PTGF-900,PTGF-1200. The 5 gallon water filling machine integrateds bottle washing,filling and capping into one unit ,in order to achieve the purpose of washing and sterilizing,The washing machine uses multi-washing liquid spray and thimerosal spray,the thimerosal can be used circularly,The capping machine can be cap barrel automatically ,The 5 gallon water filling machine equips with water spraying device in order to ensure those caps sterile and clean ,it also can automatically carry out barrel,washing,steriizing,filling,capping,counting and products discharging,with complete function,modern design and high degree of automation ,The 5 gallon water bottling machine is a new kind of barreled water auto producing line ,which integrates mechanism,electricity and pneumatics technologies together. 

Features of 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

✅  This 20 liter water filling machine is specially designed to fill the purified water ,distilled water,mineral water and other bacteria free liquids.

✅ The 5 gallon water filling equipment is applied with 5 GAL bottle( GAL  can also be applied)

✅ As the equipment integrates the processes of bottle washing,filling,lid mounting,lid pressing and finished product delivering,it's a good choice of 5 gallon water bottling plant.

Details of 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

1. Bottle Washing Part

Uploading and dropping barrels changed from 45 degree to translatory which is more stable in the 5 gallon water filling machine.

Washing nozzles can insert into 10-15 cm of the barrel in order to rinse impurities down. Rinsing pump is separately controlled by PLC.

2. Bottle Filling Part

Liquid level difference is controlled within 1cm.

3. Bottle Capping Part

This device consists of cap sorter, cap falling channel, and cap pressing belt with motor. The belt in 5 gallon water bottling machine adopts stainless steel 304, durable and wear-resistant, it can press caps tightly to bottle mouth.

4. Belt Conveyor For Full Barrel

The chain plate on conveyor adopts stainless steel 304, which is specially suitable for full-filled 3-5 gallon bottle. The appearance of foot stand is perfect, and the height can be adjusted.

Technical Parameters

ModelRinsingFilling headsCapacityBarrel volumePower
PTGF-1200rotary81200BPH     12-19L

PTGF-9006 rows6900BPH83500
PTGF-6004 rows4600BPH63000
PTGF-4504 rows3450BPH42100
PTGF-3002 rows2300BPH41500
PTGF-2002 rows2200BPH2.2800
PTGF-1001 row1100BPH2680

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Customized complete solution

Provide A-Z turnkey complete 5 gallon water bottling line with different production capacity.

Perfect Service System

Provide free consult and customized solution for 5 gallon purified water bottling machine during pre-sales service, provide bottle design and layout during after-sales service.

Lower Investment

Small investment high ROI is core target for customers. With high cost performance, our 5 gallon water bottling machines are hot sales all around the world.

Quality Management

PESTOPACK has pass through the IOS 9001 Certification, SGS,CE, BV certifications to meet customers' requirement.

Working Process of 5 Gallon Water Bottling Line

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We also provide turnkey complete 5 gallon water bottling plant. Production capacity is from 100BPH to 1200BPH. Besides 5 gallon water bottling machines, also need water treatment system for water purify, bottle blowing machine for making pet bottles, labeling machine to labels of pvc, opp/bopp material, packing machine for film or carton. 

5 Gallon Water Filling Machine Manufacturer- Why Choose Us

1. Company profile

We are an innovative and dynamic 5 gallon water filling machine supplier in China, we produce 5 gallon purified water filling machine, bottle water filling machine, beverage filling machine, juice filling machine, carbonated drinks filling machine, beer filling machine, oil filling machine, sauce filling machine, detergent filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine.

2. Turnkey solution

We provide the best solution according to customer's budget and beyond their expectations. You can buy 5 gallon purified water filling machine from us without worry. We give 5 gallon water production line design and bottle sample design. We have own factory to produce 5 gallon water filling machine. We have a complete service system of factory acceptance test, packing, shipping, installation, debugging, maintenance and technical support for 5 gallon water bottling machine.

3. Perfect service

We provide free consult and customized solution for 5 gallon water filling machines during pre-sales service, provide free bottle design and free layout during after-sales service.


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