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Pestopack is a prominent and reputable manufacturer specializing in the production of liquid bottle filling machines. With a strong dedication to providing high-quality solutions for a diverse range of industries, Pestopack has established itself as a trusted name in the field of liquid bottle filling equipment.

As a liquid filling machine manufacturer, Pestopack is committed to innovation and precision, ensuring that our liquid bottle filling machines are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whatever small liquid filling machine or large scale filler, our liquid filling machine for sale is known for its accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to streamline production processes and maintain product quality.

Pestopack offers a variety of liquid filling machine for sale to accommodate different liquid viscosities, container sizes, and production volumes. Whether you are in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or other sectors, Pestopack provides customizable solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our dedication to quality extends beyond the design and manufacturing phases, as Pestopack also places a strong emphasis on after-sales support. We offer maintenance services, spare parts, and expert assistance to ensure that our customers' liquid bottle filling machines continue to operate at peak performance.

With a focus on technological advancements and industry compliance, Pestopack has become a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient liquid filling solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, product excellence, and industry expertise has solidified our position as a leading liquid filling machine manufacturer in the market.


Piston Filler

A piston filler is ideal for thick and viscous liquids such as creams, gels, and heavy sauces. The piston mechanism of liquid bottle filling machine  ensures precise and consistent fills, making it perfect for products that require high accuracy.

Magnetic Pump Filler

Magnetic pump filler is suitable for a variety of low to medium viscosity liquids. These liquid bottle filling machines offer high precision and are ideal for small-scale operations or products requiring frequent changeovers.

Rotor Pump Filler

Rotor pump filler is designed for high-viscosity liquids and products with particulates. The rotor mechanism of liquid bottle filling machine ensures smooth and accurate filling, making them ideal for food products like chunky sauces and stews.

Net Weight Filler

A net weight filler is perfect for products sold by weight. These  liquid bottle filling machine  use advanced weighing systems to ensure each bottle contains the exact weight of liquid, reducing waste and ensuring consistency.

Gravity Filler

Gravity filler uses the natural flow of liquid to fill containers. These liquid bottle filling machines  are ideal for thin, free-flowing liquids like water and light oils. These machines are cost-effective and easy to operate, making them suitable for various applications.

Level Filler

Level filler ensures each bottle is filled to the same level, providing a uniform appearance on the shelf. These liquid bottle filling machines  are ideal for products where visual consistency is important, such as beverages and cosmetics.

Isobaric Filler

Isobaric filler is designed for carbonated liquids like soda and beer. These  liquid bottle filling machines  maintain the pressure inside the bottle during filling, preventing the loss of carbonation and ensuring product quality.

Hot Filler

Hot filler is used for products that need to be filled at high temperatures, such as sauces, jams, and certain beverages. These liquid bottle filling machines ensure the product remains sterile and safe for consumption.

Volumetric Filler

A volumetric filler dispenses a specific volume of liquid into each bottle. These liquid bottle filling machines are versatile and suitable for a wide range of products, ensuring consistent fills regardless of changes in liquid viscosity.


Before purchasing liquid bottle filling machine, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you choose the right liquid bottle filling equipment that meets your specific needs and requirements. Here are some important issues to take into account:

1. Type of Liquid and Viscosity

Consider the type of liquid you will be filling. Is it thin and free-flowing, viscous, foamy, or particulate-laden? Different liquids may require specific types of liquid filling equipment:

Gravity Fillers: Ideal for thin, free-flowing liquids such as water and light oils. These liquid bottle filling machine use the natural force of gravity to fill containers efficiently.

Piston Fillers: Suitable for viscous liquids like sauces, creams, and gels. These liquid filling equipment provide precise filling by using a piston mechanism to push the product into the container.

Pump Fillers: Great for handling foamy or particulate-laden liquids. These liquid bottle fillers ensure accurate and consistent fills by using a pump to move the liquid.

2. Container Size and Shape

Determine the range of container sizes and shapes you need to fill. Ensure that the liquid bottle filling machine can accommodate the variety of containers you plan to use:

Adjustable Machines: Look for liquid bottle filling machines with adjustable settings to handle different container dimensions.

Customizable Parts: Look for customizable parts to fit specific container shapes, ensuring a snug and secure fit during filling.

3. Production Volume

Assess your production volume and speed requirements. Choose a liquid bottle filling machine that can handle the production demands of your business:

Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines: Ideal for smaller businesses or those with moderate production needs. These liquid bottle filling machines require some manual input but offer flexibility and ease of use.

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Systems: Suitable for large-scale operations with high production volumes. These liquid bottle filling systems operate with minimal manual intervention, providing high-speed filling and increased efficiency.

4. Accuracy and Precision

Determine the level of precision and accuracy required for your products:

High Precision Liquid Fillers: Essential for industries like pharmaceuticals and food, where accurate dosing is critical. Look for liquid filling machines for sale with advanced control systems to ensure consistent fills.

Standard Liquid Fillers: For industries with more lenient accuracy requirements, standard liquid bottle fillers may suffice, balancing cost and performance.

5. Automation Level

Decide whether you need a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic liquid bottle filling machine:

Manual Liquid Filling Machines: Best for small batches or specialty products requiring hands-on control. These liquid filling machines for sale are cost-effective and simple to operate.

Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines: Offer a balance between manual input and automated processes, ideal for medium-scale operations.

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machines: Provide the highest level of efficiency and these automatic liquid bottle filling machinesare suited for large-scale production with minimal manual intervention.

6. Maintenance and Cleanliness

Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Some liquids may require frequent cleaning to prevent contamination:

Easy-to-Clean Designs: Choose liquid bottle filling machines that are easy to disassemble and clean, reducing downtime and ensuring product safety.

Low Maintenance Requirements: Opt for liquid bottle filler machines with durable parts and low maintenance needs to minimize operational disruptions.

7. Product Compatibility

Ensure that the materials used in the liquid bottle filling machine are compatible with the type of liquid you are filling:

Corrosion-Resistant Materials: For corrosive liquids, choose liquid filling machines for sale made from stainless steel or other resistant materials.

Chemical Compatibility: Verify that the liquid bottle filling machine's components won't react adversely with your product, ensuring longevity and safety.

8. Cost and Budget

Determine your budget constraints and find a liquid bottle filling machine that fits within your financial parameters:

Initial Investment: Consider the upfront cost of the liquid bottle filling equipment.

Long-Term Savings: Evaluate potential cost savings from increased efficiency, reduced waste, and lower labor costs with automated liquid bottle filling machines.

9. Space and Layout

Assess the available space in your production facility. Ensure that the liquid filling machine for sale can be integrated into your existing layout:

Compact Designs: For limited space, look for compact liquid bottle filling machines that still offer the necessary features.

Modular Systems: Modular liquid bottle filling machines can be reconfigured or expanded as needed, offering flexibility in tight spaces.

10. Safety and Compliance

Check whether the liquid filling equipment complies with safety standards and regulations specific to your industry:

Safety Features: Look for liquid filling machines for sale with built-in safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and non-slip surfaces.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the automatic liquid filling machine meets industry standards and certifications, particularly in regulated sectors like pharmaceuticals and food.

11. After-Sales Support

Inquire about the level of after-sales support, including maintenance, repairs, and spare parts availability:

Comprehensive Support: A reliable liquid filling machine supplier should offer ongoing support, including technical assistance, training, and spare parts.

Warranty and Service Agreements: Consider liquid bottle filling machines with robust warranties and service agreements to protect your investment.

12. Customization Options

Determine whether the liquid filling machine for sale can be customized to your unique needs:

Adjustable Settings: Look for liquid bottle filling machines that allow adjustments in filling volume, speed, and container size.

Tailored Solutions: Look for custom-built liquid filler machines to meet specific production requirements.

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing a liquid bottle filling machine and select the one that best aligns with your production goals and product requirements.


Liquid bottle filling machines for sale are versatile and find application in various industries due to their ability to efficiently and accurately fill containers with liquid products. Here are common applications of our liquid bottle filling machines:

1. Food and Beverage Industry

Liquid bottle filling equipment is used to fill bottles, jars, and containers with a wide range of products, including water, soft drinks, juices, sauces, oils, and more. They ensure accurate and consistent filling, maintaining product quality and reducing wastage. For example, oil filling machine, water bottling machine, beverage production line.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, precise liquid filling is crucial to ensure the correct dosage of medications, syrups, and other pharmaceutical liquids. liquid bottle filling machines help maintain quality and dosage accuracy.

3. Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

Liquid bottle filling machines are employed to fill various cosmetic and personal care products, such as lotions, creams, shampoos, perfumes, and other liquid beauty and skincare items. These machines ensure efficient and hygienic filling, contributing to product quality. For example, lotion filling machine, cream and jar filling sealing machine, shampoo filler machine.

4. Chemical and Industrial Applications

For the safe and precise filling of chemicals, industrial liquids, and hazardous materials. Liquid filling machine for sale can handle a range of viscosities and product characteristics, making them suitable for various chemical applications. For example drum filling machine, paint filler system.

5. Agriculture and Agrochemicals

Liquid bottle filling machine is used to fill containers with agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. It helps maintain accurate measurements while ensuring safety and preventing product spillage.

6. Bottling and Packaging Plants

Automatic liquid filling equipment is a crucial component of bottling and packaging lines, facilitating the efficient and uniform filling of bottles and containers across different industries.

7. Breweries and Distilleries

In the beverage industry, these liquid bottle filling machines are used for filling beer, wine, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages into bottles and cans. Accurate filling is essential for maintaining product quality and consistency.

8. Automotive and Lubricant Industry

Liquid bottle filling machines are used to fill containers with automotive fluids, lubricants, and oils. They ensure accurate measurements, reducing product waste and potential contamination.

9. Cleaning and Hygiene Products

Liquid filling machine for sale plays a role in packaging cleaning and hygiene products like detergents, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers. It ensures precise filling and minimize product spillage. For example detergent filling machine, liquid soap filling machine.

10. E-Liquid and Vaping Industry

In the e-liquid industry, liquid bottle filling machines are used for filling e-liquid bottles with precise measurements. This helps maintain consistency in flavor and nicotine levels.

11. Petroleum and Oil Industry

Liquid filling equipment is employed for filling containers with various petroleum products, such as motor oil and lubricants, ensuring accurate volumes and spillage prevention.

The widespread applications of liquid bottle filling machines highlight their importance in ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and product quality across diverse industries. When considering a liquid filling machine for sale, it's essential to select one that suits your specific needs and the characteristics of the liquids you're handling.


1. Precision and Accuracy

Our liquid filling machine for sale is designed to deliver precise and consistent fill volumes, minimizing product wastage and ensuring every container is filled to the desired level. This accuracy is especially crucial in industries like pharmaceuticals, where precise dosing is essential.

2. Increased Efficiency

Automation significantly speeds up the filling process, leading to higher production rates and reduced labor costs. Our liquid bottle filling machine can fill containers quickly and continuously, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

3. Versatility

Our automatic liquid filling machine is adaptable and can handle a wide range of container sizes, types, and liquid viscosities. This flexibility allows for the filling of various products in diverse packaging.

4. Reduced Human Contact

Automation minimizes human involvement in the filling process, reducing the risk of contamination and maintaining product hygiene. This is particularly important in industries like food and pharmaceuticals, where sanitation is critical.

5. Cost Savings

Automation of the filling process can lead to cost savings by reducing labor expenses and minimizing product wastage. The efficient use of resources can positively impact a company's bottom line.

6. Consistency

Our liquid filling machine for sale delivers consistent results, ensuring that every container is filled with the same precision and accuracy. This consistency is vital for maintaining product quality and meeting regulatory standards.

7. Customization

We offer the option to customize automatic liquid filling machine for sale to meet specific production needs. This allows businesses to tailor the machine to your unique requirements, such as container size, filling volume, and product type.

8. Ease of Operation

Automatic liquid bottle filling machines are typically user-friendly, with intuitive controls and settings. This makes them accessible to operators with varying levels of experience, reducing the learning curve and operational errors.

9. Reliability and Durability

When maintained correctly, our liquid bottle filling machines are known for their long-term reliability and durability. They can withstand heavy use in demanding industrial environments.

10. Enhanced Safety

Safety features and protocols are often integrated into automatic liquid filling machines to protect both the equipment and the operators. This can help prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

By investing in a liquid bottle filling machine for sale, businesses can enjoy these benefits, ultimately streamlining their production processes, improving product quality, and potentially reducing operational costs.


The price of liquid bottle filling machines varies widely based on several key factors, including the type of liquid filling machine for sale(manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic), production capacity, and the specific features required for your filling operations. Manual liquid filler and semi-automatic liquid filling machines are generally more affordable and are suitable for smaller-scale operations or those with less frequent filling needs. Fully automatic liquid filling machines, prized for their efficiency, precision, and higher throughput, command a higher price point. Additional considerations such as sterile filling requirements, explosion-proof configurations, or compatibility with corrosive materials can also impact the overall cost. Prices from $5,000 to $50,000 for fully automated, high-capacity systems with advanced features like sterile filling and custom configurations. Tailored to fit a variety of industries and applications, our liquid bottle filling machines represent a smart investment for businesses aiming to boost productivity and maintain the highest quality standards. Contact us today for a detailed quote and find out how we can enhance your filling operations.Please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements, ensuring you receive the most accurate pricing information and solutions tailored to your operational needs.


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