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Chemical Filling Machine

Chemical Filling Machine Manufacturer

We are one of professional chemical filling machine manufacturers. Whether you need a chemical filling machine designed to industry standards or a customized solution specifically for your needs, we can help you. We know how important it is for chemicals to be securely packaged for storage and transportation and we can provide machines capable of handling even the most corrosive and volatile chemicals.

We'll help you ensure your chemical products can withstand environmental and physical hazards. Whether you need to pack them in bottles, cans, totes, jars, drums, bags and other containers, we have the chemical filling machine which will do the job.

PESTOPACK designs and builds filling machines and packaging equipment for chemical.

Our Chemical liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the chemical industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your chemical filling needs and meet your production goals.

Chemicals are versatile in their viscosities and consistencies. It's important for production line managers to select the right machinery for their specific application, whether it's for water-thin or highly viscous chemical solutions. PESTOPACK offers plenty of chemical filling equipment and other liquid packaging machines to complete your production line. We can help you complete a packaging system that gives you consistent results for many years.

Material compatibility is crucial when handling liquid chemicals. At PESTOPACK our staff have many years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of chemical products and our machines have been designed to accommodate this diverse range of products.

Suitable for materials

√ Detergent

√ Bleach

√ Deodoriser √ Disinfectant
√ Degreaser √ Descaler √ Cutting Fluids √ Release Agents
√ Pesticide √ Fertilizer √ Laundry detergents √ Detergents
√ White Spirit √ Xylene √ PVA Glue √ Superglue
√ Construction Sealants √ Bonding Solutions √ Thread Lock √ Printing Inks
√ UV Cured Inks √ Writing Ink √ Specialist Paints √ Catalysts
√ Coolants √ Distillates √ Epoxies √ Heat Transfer Fluids
√ Oil √ Reagents √ Resins √ Solvents
√ Paint √ Paint Removers √ Polymers √ Care products
√ Additives √ Lubricants √ Acetone √ Isopropanol
√ Methanol √ Thinners √ Toluene √ Coatings
√ Acids Bases √ Biofuels

√ Engine fluids

√ Windshield Washer Fluid √ Bug Remover

Machine components are generally manufactured in stainless steel, although glass and plastics are used for handling acid and alkaline products where stainless steel is not suitable.

From free flowing solvents through to viscous adhesives, our range of machines will be able to handle most chemical products from 5ml up to 5 litres as standard and up to 25 litres and 300 liters with the additional multi-dose counter.

Utilize A System Of Chemical Filling Machines

PESTOPACK's chemical filling equipment is designed for a wide range of chemicals and containers. Our gravity, piston, overflow, pressure, and pump fillers are available with custom options to provide the best results for production lines. With a complete system of chemical filling machines that meet your needs, you'll benefit from maximized efficiency and accuracy.

We offer other types of liquid packaging machinery to further improve your packaging assembly, including bottle cleaners, conveyors, labelers, and cappers. Each piece of equipment can make the packaging process as effective as you need it to be, giving you top-quality results for each product.

Installing Custom Chemical Packaging Systems

If you require a complete packaging assembly for chemical products apart from chemical filling equipment, we provide liquid packaging equipment that can handle many types of chemicals. We have the machinery you need to keep your production line functioning optimally.

Use bottle cleaners to clear chemical bottles of dust particles and other potential contaminants prior to filling. After filling machines are used to accurately fill containers, cappers can place custom-fitting caps of various sizes and shapes to bottles, forming an airtight and leak-proof seal. Labelers can apply clear, paper, or Mylar labels to bottles with detailed text and images displaying product information and branding. To make sure each product is successfully transferred between stations, a system of conveyors can transport products from the beginning of the line to the end when ready for shipping.

Consult PESTOPACK For Custom Packaging Solutions

For assistance with machine selection and design, PESTOPACK's technical experts are available to help. We can develop a customized system that gives you consistent results, with a configuration that meets space requirements and product specifications. We understand that different types of chemicals and manufacturing facilities will require varied installations to function properly. To ensure equipment is sufficiently set up, we'll install equipment nearly anywhere in the wordwide.

Along with machine selection, system design, and installation, we also offer many other services to keep your production line working the way it should. Our services include leasing, field service, and high-speed camera services that can improve your equipment's overall performance and staff productivity.

To get started on the design and installation of your chemical filling machine system, along with a complete liquid packaging assembly, contact PESTOPACK.


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