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Sauce Filling Solution

The filling of sauces or dressings requires the expertise of PESTOPACK. We have a variety of liquid filling technologies to help you achieve: volumetric, gravimetric, flow filling, hot filling or room temperature filling, etc. We guarantee you a clean filling, hygienic compliance and complete flexibility with quick tool changes.

It is well worth investing in an automatic filling machine (or filling line) for your sauces. Benefits include improved filling accuracy and reduced operator error, more reliable and cheaper filling, less product waste, faster speeds, and more. Therefore, getting the right sauce filling equipment for your product is critical to ensuring that your procedures are upgraded to save time and money and ultimately add value.


A. High Viscosity Piston Filler for Sauce

High viscosity piston filling is the best choice for sauces and is specially used for viscous products such as sauces.The piston filling machine adopts the principle of volumetric filling to fill the sauce into cans or bottles, with high filling accuracy and high speed, and can be used for various levels of automation.When buying a piston filler for sauces, you must consider the number of nozzles in the machine as this determines the production capacity.

B. Sauce Bottle Filling Machine

The sauce bottle filling machine is available in automatic and semi-automatic. When the automatic sauce bottle filling machine is in use, the operator puts the empty bottle on the conveyor belt, and the bottle is automatically transported to the filling machine for filling. In the semi-automatic sauce filling machine, the bottle needs to be placed manually.

The empty bottles are placed on the conveyor belt according to the number of nozzles of the machine, the bottles are sensed by the sensor, the filling process starts, we also provide the equipment with the filling setting time, which can be changed in the touch screen according to your requirements. After the bottles are full, a new batch of bottles is released onto the conveyor and the process continues. If you are using a semi-automatic sauce bottle filler, you will need to pick up the filled container after filling. The automatic sauce filling machine will automatically replace filled containers with empty ones.

C. Hot Sauce Bottling Machine

Most of the sauces on the market are thick, we focus here on our piston type hot sauce bottling machine. Our automatic sauce filling machine is designed to hot filling the sauce, depending on your space requirements and other needs, we can customize 2-12 filling heads to meet your facility's specific needs. The hot sauce bottling machine is equipped with mixing hopper and high temperature, which can ensure that the liquid is uniform in the filling process to the greatest extent, and no stratification occurs, ensure the filling accuracy of each glass bottle.

D. Sauce bag filling machine

The automatic sauce bag filling machine is suitable for automatic packaging of sauces into pre-made pouches. This machine adopts PLC control system to automatically complete the whole small bag filling system. A preformed bag is passed on a conveyor belt and filled with the preferred liquid.

The steps for filling a sauce bag using a bag packer include:

Sauce bags are collected and released on a conveyor belt

Open pocket

Place the preformed bag under the hopper and dispense the measured quantity of product into the bag

The bag mouth is sealed by high temperature and then cooled

After each cycle, padded packets are replaced by empty packets


The sauce filling machines are versatile and allows customers to use it to pack a variety of sauce foods. 

A. Tomato Sauce Filling Machines

The ketchup sauce filling machines can be used for filling and sealing ketchup in cans or bottles. These tomato sauce filling machines can be customized to suit the viscosity and capacity of the product that needs to be filled.

B. Pasta Sauce Filling Machines

Pasta sauce is a delicacy, and if it's poorly or substandardly packaged, it's bound to lead to customer complaints and, at worst, the revocation of the food manufacturer's license. Only with the help of a high-quality sauce filling machine can pasta sauces be packaged with perfect consistency.

C. Chili Sauce Filling Machine

The right chili sauce filling machine will be able to handle the challenge of filling viscous liquids without incurring unnecessary expenses in the production process.Sauces come in a variety of sizes and forms, including mason jars, jars, soft pouches, and individual pouches. Therefore, chili sauce manufacturers can choose a suitable chili sauce filling machine to meet specific packaging needs.

D. BBQ Sauce Filling Machine

BBQ sauce packaging requires a specific type of equipment to handle its viscosity and fill the container efficiently. PESTOPACK offers custom packaging solutions to meet your specific needs, helping you choose the ideal BBQ sauce filling machinery for your packaging.

E. Jam Filling Machine

It is usually made from pressed fruit, sugar, and sometimes pectin. Most jams are cooked. After making, jam is normally put into an airtight jar. Usually a jam contains as much sugar as it contains fruit. The two parts are then cooked together to form a gel.Our jam filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the jam industry. We manufacture the ideal jam filling machinery to handle your jam and meet your production goals.

F. Peanut Butter Filling Machine

Peanut butter is a food paste or spread made from ground, dry-roasted peanuts. It commonly contains additional ingredients that modify the taste or texture, such as salt, sweeteners, or emulsifiers.When filling peanut butter products, consider using a peanut butter filling machine and other equipment from PESTOPACK.

G. Honey Filling Machine

Honey filling applications require heavy-duty machinery that can handle liquids of this thick viscosity. PESTOPACK has a selection of honey filling machines, cappers, labelers, conveyors, and bottle cleaners to meet the needs of these applications. Our honey filling equipment can handle unique honey packaging designs and maintain a consistent level of accuracy and speed throughout the filling process. With a system of our honey filling machinery installed in your facility, you'll benefit from improved efficiency and productivity.

Things to Consider When Investing in a Sauce Filling Machine/Line

Different Types of Sauce Containers

There are various different types of containers available for packaging sauces. Your packaging material and container will determine what kind of sauce filling machine you need, if it is bottled or canned, you need a sauce bottle filling machine, if it is bagged, you need a bag wrapping machine. Before purchasing a sauce filling equipment, you must also determine the size and capacity of the packaging container. Ideally, a sauce filler should be flexible enough to accommodate bottles of all sizes and shapes.

Viscosity of Sauce Products

For the best ideal, when investing in a sauce packaging machine, the viscosity of the product should be considered. Sauce filling machines offer different performances for different liquid viscosities. PESTOPACK offers a variety of sauce filling machines with different viscosities, such as piston filling machines for thick liquid products and self-flow filling machines for flowing liquid products.

Sauce Filling Machine Price

Before purchasing a sauce filling machine, you need to determine your requirements for the machine. After determining your requirements, you need to exclude machines that are not useful to you and choose the one that best suits your product packaging. Contact a sauce filling machine supplier like PESTOPACK to find out the price and features of the machine you are interested in, and customize it to your requirements.

Degree Of Automation

Before deciding to buy a sauce filling machine, you need to determine the production capacity you will need per day or hour in order to decide whether to use a semi-automatic or fully automatic sauce filling machine. If your production capacity is small, then you can choose semi-automatic machines, if your production capacity is large, then you can choose fully automatic machines.

Sauce Filling Machine Benefits

1. Save labor cost and improve efficiency

You can choose a sauce packing machine for semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging of sauces according to your requirements. High-quality sauce filling machines ensure accurate filling, improve efficiency, and help save labor costs.

2. Security

Sauce filling needs to be productive, which requires machines to keep workers safe. Automatic sauce filling machines are ideal for ensuring production safety and efficiency.

3. Customizable Solutions

It provides customized solutions for your packaging needs. Obtaining the right sauce packaging machine for your product will help maintain the properties of your product for a long time. The viscosity of your product requires a liquid bottle filling machine, and getting the right sauce packaging machine for the density of your product will make the packaging process efficient.


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