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The water filling machine for sale is suitable for filling various mineral water,drinking water, pure water, spring water, alcohol and other food industries. The water filling machines for sale are developed based on advanced technology and according to the filling process requirements of pure water and other beverages. As one of professionable water filling machine manufacturers and suppliers, PESTOPACK specializes in water and beverage machinery industry and offer a wide range of automatic water filling machine for sale at very reasonable price and best service. Our water filling machines for sale are customized according to different shapes and sizes of bottle. 

CGF8-8-4 Small Water Filling Machine

Our compact and durable water filling machine for sale is designed to meet the needs of small-scale water filling operations. With its user-friendly interface, our water filling machine is easy to operate, and can bottle up to 3000 bottles per hour. Investing in our small water filling machine is a smart choice for any small business looking to improve their production capacity and streamline their operations.
Production Capacity:  2000-3000 bottles per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  200ml-2000ml PET bottle
Power: 2.2KW

CGF14-12-5 Automatic Water Filling Machine

This rotary water filling machine CGF14-12-5 has three parts of stations. The automatic water filling machine for sale can fill pure water and mineral water. Washing-Bottles are placed on the conveyor and taken to the washing unit. Their inside and outside are washed with distilled water and dried. Filling-Bottles come to the filling unit by the conveyor and are filled into the bottle by different methods according to the filling liquid viscosity. Capping-Filled bottles are sealed in this section until they are opened by the end user.
Production Capacity:  4000-5000 bottles per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  200ml-2000ml PET bottle
Power: 2.8KW

CGF18-18-6 Water Filling Machine

Water filling machine for sale CGF18-18-6 adopts the direct connection technology of air conveying and feeding star wheel, which replaces the feeding screw and conveyor, and simplifies the bottle changing process. It has features of fast gravity filling valve, large flow, fast filling speed, accurate liquid level and no liquid loss. 
Production Capacity:  6000-7000 bottles per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  200ml-2000ml PET bottle
Power: 3.5KW

CGF24-24-8 Water Filling Machine

Water filling machine for sale CGF24-24-8 with a production capacity of 10,000 bottles per hour is generally suitable for medium-sized bottled water manufacturers. PESTOPACK's water bottle filling machine has a high cost-performance ratio and can meet the production needs of different bottle sizes ranging from 200ml to 2000ml.
Production Capacity:  10000-11000 bottles per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  200ml-2000ml PET bottle
Power: 4.5KW

CGF32-32-10 Water Filling Machine

We use high quality stainless steel for CGF32-32-10 water filling machine for sale. The monoblock water filling machine for sale includes washing part, filling part and capping part, to realize the function of washing filling capping process. This water filling machine is newly technology design, it is easy operation and hign automatic.
Production Capacity:  12000-13000 bottles per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  200ml-2000ml PET bottle
Power: 6KW

CGF40-40-12 Water Filling Machine

This automatic water filling machine for sale CGF40-40-12 is an unique design combining the three parts of bottle washing, filling and capping in one. Washing filling capping 3 in 1 can decrease main power, save space and diminish the air pollution among three machines.
Production Capacity:  17000-18000 bottles per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  200ml-2000ml PET bottle
Power: 7.5KW

 CGF50-50-15 Water Filling Machine

The water filling machine for sale CGF50-50-15 integrates bottle washing, water filling and capping into one monobloc, and the three processes are carried out full automatically. The water filling machine for sale is used in the filling of mineral water, pure water, and other non-carbonated beverage.
Production Capacity:  23000-24000 bottles per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  200ml-2000ml PET bottle
Power: 9.5KW

Sachet water packing machine

The sachet water packing machine fills the sachet with water then uses a heat-sealing system to ensure that the filled sachet or pouch does not leak water. Heat-sealing also ensures that there are no adhesives, glues, or resins used to seal the bag, preventing any possible contamination from sealing.The sachet water filling sealing machine is designed to use wither PE film or composite film bags making it versatile to various applications. 
Production Capacity:  2000 bags per hour(500ml)
Bottle size:  50-500ml
Power: 2KW


As a water filling machine manufacturer, Pestopack has a large-scale factory equipped with complete processing machines and staffed by highly skilled professionals. Our factory is designed to streamline the production process, allowing us to manufacture quality water filling machines. Our staff includes engineers and after sales technicians with years of experience in the industry, who work tirelessly to ensure that every machine we produce meets our standards of quality and performance. We offer a wide range of liquid bottle filling machines to suit the needs of various industries and applications. Whether you need a small-scale filling machine for a startup business or a large-scale filling machine for a high-volume operation, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.


We have automatic water filling machines with different capacity. The small water filling machines are suitable for small water business, higer capacity water filling machines are for medium and big water business. The working process is purified the raw water from the ground or lake, make empty pet bottles, washing the empty bottles, filling water into bottles, sealing caps, labeling and coding on the bottle, packing the filled bottles into carton or film. So the water filling machinery is mainly composed of four parts: water treatment system, bottle blowing system, filling system and packaging system. Water filling machine manufacturer Pestopack supply turnkey solution for our customers with layout design and bottle design.


Water filling machine works according to the gravity filling principle. This rotary water filling machine has three parts of stations.The process carried out by an automatic water filling machine includes three steps:

  Cleaning empty bottles

Cleaning empty bottles is one of the most important step in an water bottle filling machine. Cleaning is the only way to grant hygiene and safety to the water you are bottling. If we don't clean the empty bottles before filling, the water you are bottling maybe contaminated.
1. Use spring cramps during bottle washing. Empty bottles can be turned 180° along the conveyor track. Wash twice inside and outside, the bottle washing efficiency is high. 
2. The bottle holder is equipped with a high-efficiency spray on the nozzle. The squeezing drop at a 15° angle ensures that all sides of the bottle are washed and water is saved. 
3. Made of stainless steel 304 of superior quality.

  Filling water in bottles

Filling the bottles with water is the most improtant step in a water filling equipment. The bottles are grabbed by some grippers, while the above nozzles pour the water into them. 
1. The filling structure design is reasonable and sanitary, the water filling equipment runs smoothly.
2. The container can be controlled from the bottleneck, and the control accuracy is within ±2mm (subject to the bottle design). 
3. The filling valve material of 3 in 1 water filling machine is SUS304.
4. The water bottle filling machine has automatic liquid level control. 
5. The lift of the filling valve is controlled by the valve lifter.

  Sealing caps

It is the final step performed by an automatic water filling machine. The bottles are moved up to capping part that provides each of them with a cap and seal the water into protected atmosphere. 
1. Using advanced cap sealing technology, this improvement can reduce the defective rate of capping better and the traditional character of easy to set and adjust the torque of screwing capping head.
2. Placement and capping system, electromagnetic capping head with discharge function to ensure minimal bottle collision during capping.
3. No bottle no capping.
4. Automatc stop when lack of caps.


Wide capacity

Have a wide range of production capacity of water filling machines for sale from 3000BPH to 24000BPH.

Quality material

Use stainless steel material for water filling machine to make sure its durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

High filling accuracy

Use advanced control systems to ensure high filling accuracy and to avoid wastage. 


User-friendly interfaces, PLC control, branded electrical components are used in water bottle filling machine.

Low maintenance

Our water filling machine is designed to minimize the amount of maintenance to keep it running smoothly.


The ability to fill bottles of different sizes or to add flavors or minerals to the water can be customized.


3 in 1 monoblock structure for automatic water filling machine makes machine cost more ecnomic.


The bottled water filling machine is built-in safeguard mechanism ensures the safety of operator and machine.

Wide range of bottle volume

200-2000ml pet bottle sizes can be used in one water filling machine for sale only change some parts.


Pestopack provides A-Z turnkey complete water filling line with different production capacity.The whole water filling line includes water treatment system, bottle blowing machine, water filling machine, labeling machine, packing machine ect. Besides water filling line, we also provide raw meterials like bottle preform, caps, label rolls, film rolls ect.




As a leading water filling machine supplier, our machines are designed to meet the needs of the water bottling and packaging industry, delivering accurate and consistent filling of bottles while minimizing the risk of downtime or equipment failures. Our water filling machines are made from durable stainless steel material which is designed to withstand exposure to water and other liquids without rusting or corroding. The internal components of our water filling machines, such as the filling valves and pumps, are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Our water filling machines are equipped with advanced sensors, computerized controls, and other automated features that help to ensure consistent and accurate filling of bottles. We use branded components like Panasonic, Siements, Festo, Schneider in water filling machinery. 


Advantage of working with us is our commitment to customer satisfaction. As a water filling machine manufacturer, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements for filling solution. We offer comprehensive technical support and training to ensure that our clients can operate their water filling machines with confidence and ease. We help customers acheive a high-efficiency operation of water filling machines and technical innovation and upgrade to join hands with customers for a win-win situation. We ensure water filling machines for sale are new and totally running well. We supply filling solutions from factory layout designing, equipment installation, operation training, maintenance guidance, siting to budget planning. In all, you have the full support of water filling solution from PESTOPACK.


As one of the water filling machine manufacturers, Pestopack specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom-made water filling machines. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, and control systems. We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific requirements and ensure that water filling machines for sale meet strict quality standards and regulatory requirements. We are committed to providing you with quality water filling machines that meet your specific needs and requirements. Our goal is to ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Pesto is always in close contact with our customers and offers turnkey and customized bottling solutions to their satisfaction.


Not only water filling machines for sale, we also produce juice bottling machine, carbonated drink production line, beer filling equipment, oil filling machine, sauce filling system, detergent filling line in water, beverage, food, chemical, personal care, household industries.



  • What is water filling machine?

    A water filling machine is an automated machine that fills water into bottles. The bottled water filling machine is a three-in-one integrated structure with functions of cleaning, filling and capping. It is the most economical water filling machine. Customers can choose different models of water filling machines according to production capacity, budget and bottle volume.
    Automatic filling machine is a modern equipment for producing bottled water. Compared with the semi-automatic type, the operation and maintenance of the bottled water filling equipment is simpler and more convenient. These automatic water bottling machines can save costs for bottled water producers because it is fully automatic and has high performance in producing bottled water. The structure design is simple and the failure rate is low.
    In addition, with the development of automation, in order to save manpower and costs, many people choose fully automatic rather than semi-automatic water injection machines. There are two types of automatic water filling machines: rotary automatic filling machines and linear filling machines. Both types can help make bottled water, reducing labor and increasing productivity.

  • How does an automatic water filling machine work?

    The automatic water filling machine works according to the gravity filling principle. This rotary water filling machine has three stations. The wash bottles are placed on a conveyor belt and taken to the wash unit. Their interior and exterior were washed with distilled water and dried. Filling - Bottles arrive at the filling unit by conveyor belt, and are filled into bottles in different ways according to the viscosity of the filling liquid. Cap filled bottles are sealed in this section until the end user opens them.

    Different types of automatic water filling machines have different functions. Automatic water filling equipment functions differently than glass bottle types. The functions of fully automatic water bottling machines and semi-automatic water bottling machines are also different. Empty bottles are conveyed to the inside of the portable water filling machine through an air conveying system, first into the bottle washer through a star wheel. The empty bottle bleaching machine turns the empty bottle down 180° to clean the inner and outer walls of the bottle.
    After the bottle is rinsed, the empty bottle is transferred to the desktop water filling machine through the star wheel for continuous filling, and the filling level is controlled by the air return pipe to ensure the filling accuracy. After the filling is completed, the cap is transferred to the capping machine by the star wheel, and the capping machine automatically grabs the cap to perform the capping function.
    The whole process runs continuously through PLC and pneumatic control, ensuring production efficiency, safety and health. After the bottle is filled and capped, the filled bottle leaves the autoamtic water filling machine through the outer conveyor belt, and the whole process runs automatically without manual intervention.

  • Types of automatic water filling machine for sale

    1. Automatic small water filling machine for sale
    The small bottled water filling machine is used for low-speed production of PET bottled water, which is suitable for customers with low price of bottled water filling machine to start a business. The fully automatic small water bottling machine allows investors to start a bottling plant with a low investment. PESTOPACK small water filling machines are highly efficient and cost-effective. It can produce from 330ml bottled water, 500ml bottled water to 2000ml bottled water.
    2. Automatic high-speed water filling machine for sale
    The structure of the high-speed water filling machine is specially designed, which can not only meet the speed requirements of the production line, but also save space and labor costs. The fully automatic high-speed water filling machine is not expensive and is the ideal solution if you want to be at the top of the entire bottled water market.
    3. Automatic large container water filling machine for sale
    The automatic large container water filling machine is specially designed for large bottles. PET material large bottles of yolume from one gallon to 15 liters can be used for home cooking.
    4. Fully automatic 5 gallon water bottling machine for sale
    The 5 gallon water bottling machine can produce 5 gallons of water and bottled water. It is produced high quality 5 gallon bottled water using a fully automatic flush filling and capping system.
    5. Automatic glass bottle water filling machine for sale
    Glass bottled water filling machine is high efficiency for glass bottled water. It is fully automatic. When customers want to produce high-end bottled water, PESTOPACK glass bottle water filling machine is the best choice. It can help to produce glass bottle mineral water and glass bottle sparkling water.

  • How to find good water bottling machine manufacturers

    Finding good water bottling machine manufacturers are not easy, and you can't just buy the water bottling machine from your local dealer. Unstable machines are easy to buy from companies that make inferior machines. Well-known companies like PESTOPACK are one of the best water bottling machine manufacturers. The company has a professional engineering team with more than 12 years of experience in the industry. They manufacture water bottling equipment including water treatment plants, mineral water bottling machines, small water bottling machines, 5 gallon water bottling machines.
    PESTOPACK owns factories including filling machine production workshop, raw material processing workshop, CNC finishing workshop, water filling machine assembly workshop.PESTOPACK factory has all kinds of precision machining machine tools and advanced inspection and testing equipment. The company can complete all kinds of water bottling machinery and packaging equipment. Rest assured, the company will provide high quality water filling machines with fast delivery. This is without a doubt the best place to buy an automatic water bottling machine.

  • How to do daily maintenance of water bottle filling machine?

    The most important electrical maintenance of the water bottle filling machine is daily maintenance.
    1. Check before power on.
    Check the power supply of the water bottling equipment every day before starting the machine for problems, and check whether the insulation outside the power supply is damaged or disconnected, and make sure that these places are all right. After there are no problems, start running the equipment, this is not only for the pure water bottle filling machine maintenance, but also for the safety of the operator.
    2. Check the motor daily.
    It is said that there is no need to disassemble it every day for maintenance, and the operator should also pay more attention to whether there is noise or poor flow when the motor is running. When this happens, if there is, stop working and start troubleshooting, then work after the final failure. If you work every day, lubricate the motor every once in a while.
    3. Pay attention to whether there is abnormal vibration, sound, etc. of the water injector.
    If you hear abnormal noise or find abnormal vibration of the water bottle filling machine during the work, you should stop working immediately, and the dyeing technician will deal with it. If you do not deal with it in time. May cause irreversible damage to the device.
    4. Review at the end of the work.
    Turn off the power and pull out the plug before leaving get off work every day to ensure that the machine is clean and the electricity is normal, which is convenient for simple review at work the next day without affecting the progress of the work.

  • Is water bottling business profitable?

    The bottled water business is still profitable, and it can be started on a relatively low budget. The smallest production capacity is 2000-3000BPH to start up. It will does not need too much investment for starting, when you grou up then inverst a larger scale capacity. There is a good opportunity to get profile as a wate botting business.


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