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Piston Filling Machine

Piston filling machines incorporate innovative features to provide maximum speed and optimum filling accuracy. Complete control and ease of use through simple touchscreen operation.Piston filler machines are available in single or multi-head designs and are ideal for automated operations.Our automatic piston filling machine is suitable for various viscous liquids and non-viscous liquids. It is suitable for liquid filling such as water, oil, sauce, daily chemical, pesticide, etc. Widely used in oil products, food, daily chemicals, cosmetics, medicine and other industries.
  • Piston Filling Machine


  • One Year and Life-Long Technical Support

  • Engineers Available to Service Overseas

  • 500-5000ml or customized

  • Full Automatic

  • 1000-5000BPH(500ml)

  • Bottles and Cans

  • PLC+Touch screen

  • SUS304/SUS316(optional) and Anti-explosion(optional)

  • Auto Volumetric Filling

  • Siemens/Schneider/Mitsubishi/AirTac/Delta/Can customized


Product Description


As a manufacturer specializing in piston filling machines, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding quality and high-performance solutions. Our piston liquid filling machines are designed to meet the needs of viscous products. Volumetric piston filling machine combine precision, speed and versatility in filling technology designed for semi-viscous liquids and viscous products. Fully automatic piston filling machines have multiple filling head options to meet specific production requirements and maximize efficiency.


At the core of our piston filling machines lies an intricate amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, specifically designed to revolutionize the liquid filling process. Our piston liquid filling machines embody a sophisticated mechanism centered around the strategic movement of a meticulously crafted piston, meticulously engineered to elevate efficiency and accuracy in liquid packaging.

The essence of our piston filler machines lies in their unparalleled ability to execute a flawless liquid-filling choreography. As liquid flows into the system, our piston filling systems harness the controlled motion of the piston, flawlessly orchestrating its up-and-down movement. This motion facilitates the precise measurement and dispensing of the liquid into designated containers, ensuring an exact and consistent fill volume with every operation.

What sets our piston filling machine for sale aparts is its innate capacity for adaptability and customization. Through a fusion of state-of-the-art technology and bespoke engineering, our piston filling equipment is crafted to handle a diverse spectrum of liquids—be it viscous oils, creamy lotions, dense pastes, or even delicate liquid soaps—with unwavering accuracy. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the product's viscosity or consistency, our machines guarantee a uniform and precise fill for each container, optimizing both production efficiency and the final product's integrity.

Furthermore, our piston filling machines are designed to seamlessly integrate with varying container sizes and production demands. This versatility enables swift transitions between different fill volumes and container types, allowing for a streamlined and efficient filling process across diverse product ranges.

With meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control measures, every component of our machines functions harmoniously to achieve a singular goal—delivering immaculate and consistent liquid fills that exceed industry standards. Our piston filling machines embody the epitome of innovation and reliability. They represent the convergence of advanced technology and precision engineering, aimed at ensuring that each product leaving the production line bears the mark of excellence—a precisely filled container, crafted to elevate your production efficiency and product quality to unmatched levels.

piston filling machine


Precision Perfected

Our piston filling machine for sale is engineered to epitomize precision in liquid filling. It excels in delivering accuracy that meets and exceeds specified volume requirements for each product. By employing meticulously calibrated mechanisms, our piston filler machines ensure a consistent and precise fill for every container, maintaining uniformity and meeting stringent quality standards without compromise.

Versatility Redefined

Crafted with a design that accommodates a wide spectrum of liquid and semi-solid products, they effortlessly handle oils, lotions, pastes, creams, and sauces with equal efficiency. Their adaptable nature allows for seamless transitions between different viscosities and product types, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse filling needs within your production line.

Efficiency Elevated

Our automatic piston filling machine redefines production efficiency. Engineered for swift and stable operations, it significantly enhance your production rates while optimizing resource utilization. By maintaining a consistent pace without compromising accuracy, our pneumatic piston filling machines streamline the filling process, thereby reducing downtime and ultimately saving both time and costs associated with production.

User-Friendly Excellence

Designed with operational simplicity in mind, our volumetric piston filling machines prioritize ease of use and maintenance. User-friendly interfaces and intuitive mechanisms ensure hassle-free operation, minimizing the need for extensive training. Additionally, the streamlined maintenance process reduces labor and time costs, allowing for seamless integration into your production line with minimal disruptions.

piston filling machine 2


Piston filler machine accurate measuring up to 0.5%

High quality stainless steel for whole machine with GMP standard

Maximum speed is up to 5000BPH

Bottom up filling to reduce foam 

Easy disassembly and cleaning without any tools

Can adjust metering of each filling head 

No bottle no filling

Branded electric components in piston filler

No dead angle three-way valve, long service life.

Customized filling nozzles according to customer's product and container.


Filling nozzles

Suitable bottles



Filling range





Power source

Air source

4 nozzles

Can be customized









(Can be customized)


6 nozzles




8 nozzles




12 nozzles




16 nozzles




20 nozzles





1. The piston filling machine for sale uses double stainless steel chains drive, compared with belt drive, the noise is lower and the durability is stronger.

piston filling machine 3

2. High-precision piston cylinder used in volumetric filling machine, and have the function of self cleaning, which is convenient for cleaning and can quickly changeover.

piston filling machine 4

3. All pipe joints are quick disassembled in the automatic piston filling machine.

piston filling machine 5


Our piston filler machine can fill semi-viscous and viscous liquids like edible oil, lubricant oil, lotion, cream, sauce, ketchup, mustard, syrup, salsa, honey, jelly, dips, shampoo, styling gel, wax, glue, grease, Sealants, silicone, and more. Our piston filling equipment stands as versatile and indispensable tools across multiple industries. They represent a commitment to precision, reliability, and compliance with industry standards, ensuring consistent and high-quality fills across a wide spectrum of liquid products, thereby contributing significantly to the success and efficiency of production processes in diverse industries.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

In the realm of cosmetics and personal care, our piston filling machines for sale are indispensable assets. They flawlessly handle a diverse range of products, including lotions, shampoos, moisturizers, and an array of cosmetic formulations. These piston filling systems ensure precise and consistent fills, preserving the integrity of delicate formulations while meeting stringent packaging requirements. Their versatility enables them to accommodate different viscosities and container sizes, offering seamless integration into cosmetic production lines.

Food and Beverages

Our automatic piston filling machines serve as vital components in the food and beverage industry. They are adept at handling various liquid products, including oils, sauces, beverages, and more. Whether it's bottling oils with varying viscosities or accurately filling containers with flavorful sauces, these machines ensure impeccable accuracy and hygiene standards. Their ability to maintain the integrity and quality of food and beverage products while meeting strict packaging regulations makes them a cornerstone in ensuring consumer satisfaction and product consistency.

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

In the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, precision and compliance are paramount. Our piston filling machine for sale excels in handling liquid medicines, chemical products, and other pharmaceutical formulations. With its exceptional accuracy and adherence to stringent hygiene standards, the piston filler machine guarantees consistent and accurate fills for pharmaceutical products. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical formulations while meeting regulatory requirements.

Tailored Solutions for Varied Industries

Beyond these specific sectors, our piston filling machines offer tailored solutions to an extensive array of industries requiring precise liquid filling. From automotive fluids to household cleaners, from industrial chemicals to petrochemicals, these machines are adaptable to diverse applications. Their customizable features allow for seamless integration into various production lines, ensuring precise and efficient filling regardless of the industry's unique requirements.

piston filling machine 3


Choosing us as your piston filling machine manufacturer means gaining access to expertise, quality assurance, exceptional customer service, collaborative partnership, and a commitment to innovation. It's not just about acquiring a machine; it's about forging a reliable and enduring partnership aimed at elevating your production capabilities and driving your success.

Expertise in Manufacturing

Our legacy of expertise in manufacturing liquid filling machines spans numerous years. This extensive experience equips us with an unparalleled understanding of the nuances and complexities inherent in liquid filling processes. Leveraging this expertise, we offer tailored solutions crafted to perfectly align with your unique needs. Whether it's fine-tuning filling volumes, customizing machine functionalities, or integrating specific features, our seasoned knowledge enables us to cater precisely to your requirements.

Commitment to Quality Assurance

At the core of our ethos lies an unwavering commitment to delivering machines of exceptional quality and reliability. Renowned for their robust construction and precision engineering, our piston filling machines for sale consistently uphold stringent quality standards. They are meticulously crafted and subjected to rigorous testing protocols to ensure they not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks. Choosing our machines means investing in a reliable and high-performance solution that forms the bedrock of your production operations.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction is not just a goal but a priority for us. We understand the significance of seamless production processes and prioritize your needs at every step. Our commitment extends beyond the point of purchase; we offer comprehensive after-sales service and support, ensuring your continued success. Our dedicated team stands by to address any queries, provide technical assistance, and offer maintenance support, ensuring that your production line operates smoothly and without interruptions.

Collaborative Partnership

Choosing us for your liquid filling machine for sale needs signifies embarking on a collaborative partnership. We value transparency, open communication, and active collaboration with our clients. Our aim is not just to deliver a product but to establish a long-term partnership focused on mutual growth and success. We listen to your requirements, understand your challenges, and work hand-in-hand to deliver tailored solutions that empower your production processes.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually improve and evolve our piston filling machines. We invest in research and development to incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring that our machines remain at the forefront of technological innovation. By choosing us, you align with a forward-thinking partner committed to providing you with cutting-edge solutions that keep your operations ahead of the curve.

piston filling machine manufacturer
piston filling machine manufacturer
piston filling machine manufacturer
piston filling machine manufacturer


Each machine in our piston filling machine product series is crafted with precision and expertise, designed to meet the unique requirements of specific industries while ensuring consistent, reliable, and accurate fills. Discover more about our piston filling machines tailored for various applications.

Oil Filling Machine

Our oil filler machines are meticulously engineered to handle various types of oils. The oil filling machine ensures precise and accurate filling, catering to different viscosity levels. Whether it's essential oils, cooking oils, or industrial lubricants, our machines deliver consistent and reliable performance, meeting industry standards effortlessly.

Lotion Filling Machine

Designed for the cosmetics and personal care industry, our lotion filling machine excels in handling different lotion viscosities. It ensures gentle and accurate filling, preserving the integrity of formulations. These machines seamlessly integrate into production lines, maintaining product consistency and packaging quality.

Paste Filling Machine

Our paste filling systems are engineered to flawlessly handle viscous substances. From thick sauces to dense creams and adhesives, paste filling machine ensures uniform and precise fills. They feature customizable settings to accommodate various textures and densities, ensuring consistent and reliable packaging.

Cream Filling Machine

Crafted for delicate cream formulations, our cream filling machine ensures gentle and accurate fills. They maintain the texture and quality of creams while meeting the stringent requirements of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. These machines guarantee precision and hygiene in every fill.

Sauce Filling Machine

Tailored for the food industry, our sauce filling machine handles a diverse range of sauces with precision. Whether it's thick marinades, flavorful condiments, or delicate dressings, these machines ensure consistent and accurate fills, maintaining product quality and taste.

Shampoo Filling Machine

In the realm of personal care, our shampoo filling machine excels in handling various shampoo viscosities. They ensure precise and gentle filling, preserving the formulation's consistency and fragrance. These machines guarantee uniform fills, meeting packaging standards flawlessly.

Liquid Soap Filling Machine

For liquid soap production, our liquid soap filling machine offers impeccable accuracy in filling. Engineered to handle different liquid soap formulations, they maintain hygiene standards while ensuring consistent and reliable packaging. These machines contribute to the efficiency and quality of liquid soap production lines.

Detergent Filling Machine

In the realm of household cleaning products, our detergent filling machine ensures accurate and efficient filling. They handle various detergent viscosities, maintaining precision in fills for laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, and other household cleaning solutions. These machines contribute to maintaining product integrity and packaging quality.



If you have any queries to our machines, Please be free to let us know. We will be getting back to you asap.

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