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Jar Filling Machine

Our range of precision-engineered jar filling solutions stands at the forefront of packaging technology. Designed to cater to diverse needs, our automatic jar filling machines ensure seamless operations, guaranteeing accurate and efficient filling processes. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we offer reliable solutions that streamline your production line. 
  • Jar Filling Machine


  • One Year and Life-Long Technical Support

  • Engineers Available to Service Overseas

  • Food, Household products, Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals

  • Viscous Liquid

  • Full Automatic

  • 1000-4000BPH

  • Plastic jar and glass jar from 100ml to 5000ml or customized

  • PLC+Touch screen

  • SUS304/SUS316(optional)

  • Automatic Filling

  • Siemens/Schneider/Mitsubishi/AirTac/Delta/Can customized


Product Description


Automatic jar filling machines represent a pinnacle of precision engineering in the packaging industry. Whether small jar filling machines or large jar filling equipment, they are designed to accurately dispense a wide range of substances - from liquids and creams to granules and powders - into jars, optimizing production efficiency and ensuring consistent quality.

Glass Jar Filling Machine

Glass jar filling machines are designed specifically to handle the delicate nature of glass containers. They are equipped with mechanisms that ensure gentle handling of the jars to prevent breakage or damage during the filling process. The versatility of glass jar filling system extends across various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. They excel in packaging a wide array of products such as sauces, jams, spices, beauty creams, and medicinal formulations into glass jars of diverse shapes and sizes.

Plastic Jar Filling Machine

Plastic jar filling machines are engineered to handle the lightweight and flexible nature of plastic containers. These machines are designed to work efficiently with plastic jars. The application of plastic jar filling equipment spans across various industries due to their flexibility and compatibility with different types of plastics. These jar filler machines cater to an extensive range of products, including but not limited to cosmetics, food and beverage items, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, and more.

Both glass jar filling machines and plastic jar filling machines are tailored to suit the specific characteristics and requirements of their respective containers, aiming to ensure efficient, precise, and safe filling processes while preserving the integrity of the jars.

jar filling machine-jars


Pestopack's jar filling machines stand as a testament to precision engineering, offering tailored solutions for diverse products. Our commitment to quality ensures efficient, accurate, and high-quality packaging for specific jarred goods.


Our honey jar filling machine is crafted with precision to handle the unique viscosity of honey. Our honey jar filler machine ensures gentle yet accurate fills, preserving the natural qualities of honey while efficiently packaging it into jars of diverse sizes.

jar filling machine-honey


PESTOPACK offers a range of honey filling machines, capping machines, labelling machines, conveyor belts . Our automatic honey filling machine can handle unique honey packaging designs with consistent accuracy and speed throughout the filling process. After installing our honey bottle filling machine in your facility, efficiency and productivity will be increased.


For sauces of different consistencies, our sauce jar filling machine provides versatile adjustments, ensuring uniform fills without spillage. Our sauce jar filler machine maintains the quality of sauces throughout the filling process.

jar filling machine-sauce


Automatic sauce filling machines are a kind of full automatic filling machines specially developed by our company for various sauces. Our sauce filling machines are equipped with advanced technology for precise filling, ensuring every bottle is consistently filled to perfection. 


Tailored for jams and fruit preserves, our jam jar filling machine delicately handles thicker textures. It guarantees smooth, consistent fills, maintaining the integrity of jam and preserving fruit chunks perfectly.

jar filling machine-jam


Jam filling machine has reached the international advanced level ,partial has exceeded the similar product. It is also suitable for the filling of daily chemicals,oil liquid,sauce,getergent liquid,cosmetics,medicinel liquid and flammable and explosive liquid . It adopts PLC and touch screen control panel for control material.Jam filling machine is characterized by accurate measuring ,advanced structure ,stable operating ,low noise ,large adjusting range ,fast filling speed. Operators adjust and meter figure in the touch screen control panel , also can adjust metering of each filling head. The external surface of this ketchup filling machine is made of excellent stainless steel . Good appearance , applied to GMP standard. This jam filler can applicable to fruit jams like apple jam, orange jam, blueberry jam, strawberry jam and chilli sauce products.


Crafted to handle creams with varying viscosities, our cream jar filling machine for cosmetic ensures controlled and consistent fills. Our cosmetic cream jar filler machine maintains the texture and quality of the cream, ensuring visually appealing final products. 

jar filling machine-cream


Our cream filling machine for cosmetic is equipped with advanced piston filling technology. It ensures precise and consistent filling with minimal human intervention, reducing the chances of errors and product wastage. It's designed to handle a wide range of products, making it an ideal choice for various industries, including cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. From thick creams to liquid lotions, it can efficiently fill them all.


Gravity Jar Filling Machines

Perfect for thin to semi-viscous liquids, gravity fillers rely on gravity to dispense products, offering accuracy and efficiency in filling operations.

These machines operate on a fundamental principle—utilizing gravity to dispense products into containers with remarkable accuracy and consistency.

The design simplicity of gravity fillers contributes to their reliability. They work by relying on the force of gravity to naturally fill containers from an elevated reservoir, ensuring a smooth and controlled flow of liquids into the jars. This method is particularly effective for products with low to moderate viscosity, including water, juices, oils, and more.

One of the standout features of gravity fillers is their adaptability to various container sizes and shapes. Their versatility allows seamless integration into different production lines, offering precision filling while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Our gravity jar filling machines are engineered to deliver consistent, accurate fills, meeting the demands of industries where precise liquid filling is essential. Their intuitive operation and dependable performance make them an invaluable asset for your production needs. 

jar filling machine-gravity


Gravity filling machine is a simple and economical solution. . This filling principle operates by storing the liquid above the bottles to be filled and allowing gravity to draw the liquid down. Liquid fillers are for a wide range of low ot thin viscous products. Gravity liquid fillers can be manufactured as automatic filling machines or they can be built to run in a semi-automatic fashion, making the filling machines useful to facilities with almost any level of production.

Piston Jar Filling Machines

Tailored for viscous substances like pastes and creams, piston, gel fillers utilize a piston-driven mechanism to ensure accurate fills with controlled viscosity. These machines operate on a sophisticated yet efficient piston-driven mechanism, ensuring precise measurements and controlled fills for a diverse range of products.

The key to the effectiveness of piston fillers lies in their ability to precisely control the volume of product dispensed. As the piston moves within a cylinder, it draws in the substance and then dispenses it into the jars with consistent accuracy. This mechanism allows for fine-tuning and adjustments, accommodating different viscosities and ensuring uniform fills across various jar sizes and shapes.

What sets piston jar filling machines apart is their adaptability to handle a wide spectrum of products, from thick creams and lotions to chunky sauces or dense pastes. This versatility makes them indispensable for industries requiring precise and controlled filling of viscous materials.

Our line of piston jar filling machines is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern production lines, offering reliability, accuracy, and the capability to handle diverse substances. Their customizable settings and consistent performance make them an essential component in ensuring high-quality fills for your jarred products.

jar filling machine-piston


Piston filling machines incorporate innovative features to provide maximum speed and optimum filling accuracy. Complete control and ease of use through simple touchscreen operation.Piston filler machines are available in single or multi-head designs and are ideal for automated operations.Our automatic piston filling machine is suitable for various viscous liquids and non-viscous liquids. It is suitable for liquid filling such as water, oil, sauce, daily chemical, pesticide, etc. Widely used in oil products, food, daily chemicals, cosmetics, medicine and other industries.

Rotor Pump Jar Filling Machines

Specifically crafted for various viscosities, rotor pump fillers efficiently dispense a wide range of products, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the filling process.

Rotor pump jar filling machines stand as a pinnacle of versatility and efficiency in handling a vast array of substances across different viscosities. These machines are engineered with a rotor-driven pumping system, designed to precisely dispense a wide spectrum of products into jars with unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

The functionality of rotor pump fillers relies on the rotational motion of a pump rotor. This mechanism allows for controlled filling, ensuring products such as liquids, semi-viscous materials, creams, and even products with particulates or chunks are dispensed evenly and without compromise.

What distinguishes rotor pump fillers is their adaptability. These machines are adept at handling a diverse range of product textures and viscosities, making them an ideal choice for industries where filling various substances into jars is a requirement.

The precision and reliability of our rotor pump jar filling machines make them an invaluable asset to your production line. Their capability to handle a multitude of products efficiently while maintaining accuracy in fills across different container sizes and shapes ensures a seamless and consistent packaging process for your range of jarred goods.

jar filling machine-rotor pump


This rotary pump filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of high-viscosity materials (viscosity 700-60000cp). Such as various mayonnaise, butter, lotion, salad Dressing, honey, syrup, glue, face cream, facial cleanser, fruit puree, edible oil, etc.. The rotor lobe pump filler has simple structure, convenient operation and cleaning, and the number of filling heads can be determined according to the actual production needs of users.

Overflow Jar Filling Machines

Engineered for liquids, our overflow fillers ensure precise fill levels by allowing excess liquid to flow, preventing spills and maintaining consistency.

Overflow jar filling machines represent precision and reliability in liquid filling. These machines excel in maintaining consistent fill levels, making them ideal for a wide range of liquid products such as sauces, syrups, oils, and more.

The mechanism behind overflow fillers is ingenious; as the product reaches the desired level in the container, any excess liquid spills over into a catchment area, ensuring the exact fill volume without spillage or wastage. This design not only guarantees accurate fills but also maintains the cleanliness of the containers and the surrounding workspace.

With their ability to handle various container sizes and shapes, overflow fillers offer versatility in production lines. Their intuitive operation, coupled with their precision, makes them a vital asset for industries requiring meticulous liquid filling.

Our range of overflow automatic jar filling machines is engineered to meet diverse needs, offering reliability, accuracy, and efficiency, ensuring your liquid products are filled flawlessly every time.

Jar Filling Line


jar filling machine line

Pestopack offers comprehensive solutions for establishing a complete jar filling line, providing end-to-end installation services to meet your packaging needs. Our expertise extends beyond singular machines; we specialize in orchestrating complete jar filling lines tailored to your specifications. From conceptualization to execution, Pestopack collaborates closely with you to design, install, and optimize a fully integrated jar filling line. This includes the selection and installation of automatic jar filling machines, capping systems, labeling units, conveyors, and any necessary auxiliary equipment.

Jar Capping machine Selection

Jar Labeling Machine Selection

Company Profile


At Pestopack, we pride ourselves on being a trusted name in the realm of jar filling machine manufacturing. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we stand as your partner in precision packaging solutions. Our legacy of expertise spans years of dedicated craftsmanship, culminating in a diverse range of cutting-edge jar filling system meticulously designed to meet industry-specific needs. From honey and sauce to cosmetics and creams, our machines are tailored to handle various viscosities, textures, and jar types. We prioritize your success by offering not just machines, but comprehensive solutions. Pestopack's commitment extends beyond manufacturing; we provide expert guidance, comprehensive support, and tailored consultations to ensure our machines seamlessly integrate into your production line. Partnering with Pestopack means embracing precision, efficiency, and reliability in your jar filling processes. Trust us to elevate your packaging standards, delivering not just machines but a promise of excellence and innovation at every step.

jar filling machine workshop1
jar filling machine workshop2
jar filling machine workshop3
jar filling machine workshop4


If you have any queries to our machines, Please be free to let us know. We will be getting back to you asap.

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