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How To Start A Water Bottling Plant

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1. Research Water Bottling Plant Business Market

2. Plan Your Water Bottling Plant Business

3. Lincencing Water Bottling Business

4. Preparing Water Bottling Factory

5. Branding and design

6. Buy Water Bottling Plant Machines

7. Sale your bottled water

A water bottling plant is a factory in which bottled water like spring water, purified water, mineral water, sparkling water is produced. A complete water bottling plant needs various automation equipment to realize the production of bottled water, including water treatment system, bottle blowing machine, filling machine, labeling machine, packaging machine, palletizing equipment, etc. It looks complicated, but with a professional water bottling machine supplier to assist you, everything becomes very simple. 

water bottling plant factory

How to start a water bottling plant can be quite a difficult question for who just starting out. The article below will show you details for creating the most successful bottled water factory.

Research Water Bottling Plant Business Market

The first and very important step in learning how to start a water bottling plant is market research. According to Grand View Research,the global bottled water market size was valued at USD 283.01 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7% from 2022 to 2030.Growing concerns about various health issues such as gastrointestinal ailments caused by drinking contaminated water has led to increased demand for clean and hygienic packaging options. The shortage of potable water in several regions has further increased the demand for safe drinking water, thereby boosting product sales, thereby boosting the market growth. As consumers become more health conscious, products with labels such as alkaline, electrolyte-rich, fortified, caffeinated water, and fortified with additional hydrogen or oxygen are gaining popularity, because it is healthier than high-calorie, carbonated and sugary beverages such as sports drinks and juices. However, the above report is only a preliminary statistics of the global data, you need to conduct a subdivision survey for the target market.

Research Water Bottling Plant Business Market

Plan Your Water Bottling Plant Business

Raw water source

Raw water is the natural water (from ground water, surface water, well water, lakes and rivers) that has not been treated. Like spring water normally get from underground water. Purified water usually comes from ground water or tap water. It's treated in a water processing system to remove impurities and contaminants. Before confirming raw water source place for water bottling plant, first obtain testing report from the third-party agency, which can understand the water quality and decide what type of water treatment equipment to use.

Plan Your Water Bottling Plant Business-Raw water source


Location is one of the key factors that determine the profitability of a water bottling plant business. Proximity to water sources and convenient transportation are crucial to gaining a larger market share.


When making equipment planning, in addition to considering the budget, future capacity expansion should also be considered. Whether it is a small scale water bottling plant or large scale water production plant, you can consult the water bottling line manufacturer, and they can give professional advice. 


The water bottling plant has the following sections to be considered: water treatment, bottling line, raw material storage, finished product storage, laboratories, changing rooms, offices. Generally speaking, a 6000BPH (3000LPH) water bottling workshop needs 1200 square meters (12916 square reet).

Plan Your Water Bottling Plant Business-Space

Raw material source

Packaging materails like bottles, labels, packing films are mainly used in bottled water. PET bottles are popular packaging for water, some premium brands use glass bottles.

Plan Your Water Bottling Plant Business-Raw material source

Running expenses

In addition to equipment costs, other factors like employee salaries, electricity costs, consumable materials, equipment maintenance should be considered when planning water bottling plant. Water treatment equipment and shrink labeling machine need electricity, filling machines and packing machines use air compressor.

Lincencing Water Bottling Business

Business License

When you're ready to start your water bottling business, complete the business license registration process in your local place. This is to legitimize your company in the market and at the same time only with a business license you can apply for a financial loan.

Necessary permits

Failure to obtain the necessary permits and licenses can result in hefty fines and even the closure of your water bottling business. Like in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water. FDA regulations for bottled water include good manufacturing practice (GMP), identity standards, and labeling requirements.You can consult the local government department for more detailed policy requirements.

Lincencing Water Bottling Business-necessary permits

Preparing Water Bottling Factory

After getting the company qualification, you can turn the plan into reality. If you want to start a small water bottling plant, renting a space is the best choice. For building a water bottling factory, all factors need to be considered like convenient transportation, close to water sources, sufficient space, stable electricity, standard factory buildings, safety and sanitation, etc.

Branding and design

Packaging has been playing a crucial role in the growing penetration of the water product. But the competition in the bottled water market is also very fierce. Creative bottle designs, label designs, slogans may gain a bigger market share.

Buy Water Bottling Plant Machines

After comparing several equipment manufacturers, find one that suits you and buy their equipment. In addition to the price, you should pay more attention to the quality of the equipment and after-sales service, so that your bottled water production will have no worries. We have a wide range of selection from 3000BPH to 24000BPH. If you want to start business with small scale, you can find solution within 6000BPH capacity water filling machine. If you want to start with large scale, you can find solution within 24000BPH capacity water bottling plant for sale.

Buy Water Bottling Plant Machines and Raw Materials

Sale your bottled water

After all thing are ready, you need to establish an official website, establish a telephone system, find distributors, online and offline sales channels, to provide as many sales opportunities as possible.


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