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6 Lanes Alcohol Prepad Making Machine 600-720bpm

This alcohol swab packing machine is applicable to alcohol products in bag. The alcohol pad machine has high production speed and high efficiency.
  • PT-YF-06000


  • One Year and Life-Long Technical Support

  • Engineers Available to Service Overseas

  • Alcohol swab

  • Full Automatic

  • Bag


Product Description



Alcohol prepad making machine-product    




  1. This is horizontal-type alcohol prepad making machine, and continuous roller sealing; high production speed, and high efficiency.

  2. Full touch screen control, convenient control, safe and stable, and not easy to be damaged.

  3. Heat-sealing temperature can be adjusted freely according to the products, and the length of cotton piece or wet tissue can also be adjusted according to the need of products; convenient to change the product with strong adaptability to the raw materials.

  4. Packaging speed, packaging size and volume of injecting liquid can be adjusted within a certain range according to the model and products in this alcohol prepad making machine.

  5. The external diameter of inner core material is less than 1000mm, and the diameter of inner core is 76mm; its material is non-woven fabrics.



NAME                 OPTIONAL                 FEATURES                
PLC                 Programmable controller                 Bus control                
Horizontal sealing motor                 Servo motor                 Use the ECAM to achieve higher
production accuracy ab flexibility.
Longitudinal sealing motor                 Servo motor                 The production speed can be freely changed using numbers, and the machine can respond
Wet pad material motor                 Servo motor                 The length and position of the non- woven can be adjusted on the HMI.                
Product cutter                 Servo motor                 The servo motor individually
controls the cutter, and the cutting position is accurate.
Wet pad material cutter                 Servo motor                 The servo motor individually controls the cutter, and the cutting position is accurate.                
Heat sealing mold                 Teflon coating mold                 Mold will not stick to packing materials.                
Mold bearing                 High temperature full ball bearing                 Bearings don't need lubrication, quiet and durable.                


Alcohol prep pad material                    
Non-woven(Adjustable)                 Non-woven unfolded size:
L30(adjustable range30-60mm)*W60mm(adjustable range30-60mm)
Folded method                 Non-woven cloth folded one time,two layers or no folded.                
Packing materials                 Paper aluminum plastic compound film(other packing materials are customized upon request)                
Packaging size (Adjustable)                 L50(adjustable range40-80mm)*W50mm                
Filling volume                 Accurate amount can be adjusted 0.20.-1.00g/bag                
Suitable wet pad material                 Roll, non-woven,diameter≤1000mm                
Suitable packing material                 Roll, packing material,diameter≤1000mm                
Inner diameter of paper tube                 3 inch (≈76mm)                

Automatic Alcohol prepad making machine   


Packing lane             
Dimensions                 2800×1800×1500mm                
Weight                 About 900kg                
Production speed                 About600-720PCS/min                
Voltage                 Single-phase voltage 220v 10KW                
Servo motors                 6 Sets                


Alcohol prepad making machine-details1        


Alcohol prepad making machine-details2    
Alcohol prepad making machine-details3        



We have a wide range of solutions for liquid packing machine. One workshop for parts manufacturing, another workshop for installation and debugging.

Alcohol prepad making machine-workshop1    
Alcohol prepad making machine-workshop2    
Alcohol prepad making machine-workshop3    
Alcohol prepad making machine-workshop4    


We will provide full complete after-sales service for alcohol prepad making machine you buy including installation, debugging and training. We provide 1 year guarantee period for your alcohol packing machine.

Alcohol prepad making machine-After service

Company Profile

PESTOPACK is an innovative and dynamic company in the design, manufacturing, maintenance and optimisation of pure water filling machine, beverage juice filling machine, carbonated drinks csd filling machine, beer filling machine, oil filling machine, sauce filling machine, household products filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine. We are specialized in liquid filling machinery and packing machinery field over 12 years.

In order to meet the demand for systems that fit seamlessly into existing operations, we have developed a range of packaging equipment that is unmatched in reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. And, because we understand that every line has its own unique requirements, each of our machines is customized to the individual needs of our customers.

We place our clients first and custom best solution for them until they are satisfied.

After Sales Service


We can dispatch our expert technicans to install alcohol prepad making machine. Service charge includes installation fee, travel expenses and meals.


For getting the best alcohol prepad making machine performance, we offer on-site or at your factory training to dealers, machine operators, engineers and technicians.


Provide efficient service, one year quality guarantee period, parts supply and quick feedback troubleshooting when alcohol prepad making machine maintenance.


We provide free consulting. Professional sales will give you the most suitable solution. CAD drawing design of alchol prepad making machine will be provided.

Technical Support

Offer 24/7 long life technical support. Just mail or give us a call, we will give quick feedback ASAP. Let you be free of worries.

Spare Parts

We will provide a set of spare parts in alcohol prepad making machine for free when shipping. Full-series quality parts can be ordered at any time with very reasonable price.


How can I be sure the machine will absolutely work for my product?

We will test and run the alcohol prepad making machine with your material once machine completes and send you test run video to prove the machine works well and stable.

Will you send technical staff to help me with installation and operation training?

Yes, we have a professional team of engineers who owned many installation, debug and training experiences abroad, are available to service machinery overseas.

How many years warranty of machine?

One-year warranty from the date of installation, during which if any parts fault in alcohol prepad making machine, we will courier to your replacing parts with replacing instructions.

When can I expect my email or questions to be replied?

Our working time is 9:00am--18:00pm Monday--Saturday, any email shall be replied within 24 hours normally. For an enquiry for alcohol prepad making machine, the most recommended way of contact is by email, by sending your final product&photos to our email,due to our possible time difference.



If you have any queries to our machines, Please be free to let us know. We will be getting back to you asap.

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