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Our liquid detergent filling machines are designed specifically for the application of filling various types of liquid detergents into bottles. It can accommodate different shapes and sizes of bottle containers. Our detergent filling equipment and disinfectant filling machine are suitable for the production and packaging of laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, hand soaps, lotion, spray hand sterilizers, and other liquid detergents.


We understand that each detergent filling system has unique requirements. As one of professional detergent filling machine manufacturers and wholesealers, our team of experts will assess your production needs, product characteristics, and packaging requirements to recommend the most suitable household cleaning product filling machine for your specific application. We offer a comprehensive range of detergent filling machine for sale, ensuring that you receive a tailored solution that enhances production efficiency and product quality.


Flexibility and Customization

We have filling nozzles from 4 to 20. Approximate production capacity is 1000-6000BPH. Whether you need high-volume or  small scale production, we can tailor the production capacity of the liquid detergent filling machine to suit your specific needs.

High Efficiency

Our detergent bottle filling machines are equipped with advanced technology that ensures high production efficiency. They can quickly and accurately complete the filling process, thereby increasing production throughput and reducing labor costs.

High Accuracy and Anti-foam

Our detergent filling equipment features high quality piston cylinder and filling nozzles with servo motor control system. Bottom-up filling method avoid foaming. Accurate filling accuracy and anti-foam contribcontributeutes to product quality and consistency.

Safety and Fast changeover

All pipes and connection parts in detergent filling system use quick-change connectors. Height and space between filling heads can be changed quick and are the easy to operate. Covering door, emergency stop button, no bottle no filling function, customized power supply, and alarm system all protect operator's safety.

Durability and Reliability

Our detergent fillers are built with qualified stainless steel material, well-known components and undergo rigorous manufacturing. This ensures their durability, reliability, and prolonged service life. The stability and reliability of the equipment guarantee continuous production and minimize maintenance and downtime.

User-Friendly Operation

Our detergent filling machines are designed for easy and intuitive operation. They are equipped with user-friendly interfaces and control systems, allowing operators to quickly master the equipment operation. The simplified operation process and intuitive interfaces reduce training costs and improve operator productivity.


In addition to our liquid detergent filling machines, we offer a complete detergent filling solution for your needs. Our range of complementary detergent packaging machine includes capping machines, labeling machines, packing machines and conveyors, allowing you to create an efficient detergent filling line.


Pestopack is one of leading and trusted detergent filling machine manufacturers, offering a range of high-quality and reliable solutions for the detergent industry. With 12 years of experience in the industry, Pestopack has established a solid reputation for delivering top-notch filling machines. Our extensive knowledge and expertise enable us to understand the unique requirements of the detergent industry and provide tailored solutions. At Pestopack, we are committed to delivering top-quality detergent filling machines that meet industry standards. Our focus on customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and after-sales support sets us apart as a preferred manufacturer. Choose Pestopack as your detergent filling machine supplier, you will experience the difference in performance and efficiency.


We provide comprehensive after-sales support and technical services to ensure that customers receive full assistance in liquid bottle filling machines usage and maintenance. Our after-sales team is experienced and knowledgeable, offering professional guidance and support in equipment installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance. We are committed to providing prompt response and efficient problem-solving to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • On-site installation and training

  • 12 months guarantee period

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Life-long technical support


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our detergent filling machines are built with the latest technology and innovative features, ensuring optimal performance and productivity. We continuously invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Exceptional Quality

We prioritize quality in every aspect of our detergent filling equipment. From the selection of materials to rigorous quality control, we ensure that our machines deliver consistent results, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Comprehensive Support

We provide comprehensive support throughout your detergent filling machine journey. From installation and training to ongoing technical assistance, our team is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of your production line.

Customization Options

We understand that each detergent filling requirement is unique. That's why we offer customizable detergent filling solutions to tailor our machines. Our expert team works closely with you to design a solution that aligns with your production goals.

Global Presence

With a strong presence in the global market, we have successfully served customers from around the world. It allows us to provide efficient service, prompt deliveries, and localized support, no matter where you are.

Full Set of Certification

Pestopack values transparency and compliance, we have passed through  IOS 9001 Certification, SGS,CE, BV certifications to meet customers' requirements. These certificates provide customers with assurance.


Discover the success stories of our detergent filling machine projects. From small-scale operations to large manufacturing facilities, our detergent filling machines have consistently met and exceeded the expectations of our clients. 


  • It's so easy to use and fills our bottles quickly and accurately. Our production has increased, and our customers are happy with the consistent quality. Highly recommended!

    Indonesia Customer
  • Choosing Pestopack was the best decision we made. Their detergent filling machine is affordable, and it does an excellent job. The team provided us with exceptional support, ensuring a smooth installation and training process.

    USA Customer
  • It's so easy to use and fills our bottles quickly and accurately. Our production has increased, and our customers are happy with the consistent quality. Highly recommended!

    Saudi Arabia Customer



  • What types of detergent products does this detergent filling machine work for?

    This detergent filling machine is designed to work with various types of detergent products. It can efficiently handle the filling of different formulations, viscosities, and packaging formats. Some examples of detergent products that can be filled using this detergent filling machine include:
    1. Liquid laundry detergents: Whether it's standard liquid detergents, concentrated formulas, or specialized variants, this machine can handle the accurate filling of liquid laundry detergents.
    2. Dishwashing detergents: From hand dishwashing liquids to automatic dishwasher detergents, the machine is suitable for filling different types of dishwashing detergents.
    3. Household cleaning solutions: It can be used for filling various household cleaning solutions, including all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, and more.
    4. Personal care products: The detergent filling machine can also be utilized for filling personal care products like liquid soaps, body washes, shampoos, and conditioners.
    5. Automotive cleaning products: It is capable of filling automotive cleaning solutions such as car wash soaps, degreasers, and wheel cleaners.
    6. Specialty detergents: If you have specialty detergents for specific applications like industrial cleaning, healthcare, or hospitality, this machine can accommodate their filling requirements as well.
  • What is the production capacity of the detergent filling machine?

    We can customize filling machine nozzles from 4 to 20. Approximate production capacity is 1000-6000BPH. But the production capacity of the detergent filling machine depends on various factors, including the size of the bottles, and the filling volume required and product viscosity. 
    1. Bottle size: Different bottle sizes may require different filling times. Smaller bottles can be filled at a faster rate compared to larger ones.
    2. Filling volume: The volume of detergent being filled into each bottle can impact the overall production rate. Higher filling volumes may take slightly more time per bottle.
    3. Product viscosity: The product viscosity can also influence the production capacity. Lower viscosity has quick filling speed, higher viscosity has low filling speed.

    To determine the precise production capacity of a detergent filling machine for your specific requirements, it's best to consult with us. We can provide you with detailed information on the machine's speed and capacity based on your specific bottle size, filling volume, and production needs.
  • Can your detergent filling machine be customized to fit my production needs?

    Yes, the detergent filling machine can be customized to fit your specific production needs, including accommodating different sizes of detergent bottles or packaging. Customization is an important aspect of these machines to ensure they align with your unique requirements. Here's how the detergent filling machine can be tailored to meet your production needs:
    1. Bottle size and shape: The detergent filling machine can be adjusted to accommodate various bottle sizes, from small to large containers. Whether you have standard-sized detergent bottles or require filling for specialty packaging, the detergent filling machine can be customized to handle different bottle sizes and shapes.
    2. Filling volume flexibility: The filling machine can be programmed to handle a wide range of filling volumes, allowing you to adjust the quantity of detergent dispensed into each bottle. This flexibility ensures compatibility with different detergent formulations and desired product volumes.
    3. Changeovers: We can offer changeover capabilities, allowing for easy adjustments when switching between different bottle sizes or packaging formats. This minimizes downtime and enhances production efficiency.
    4. Integration with existing systems: If you have an existing detergent production line or equipment, the detergent filling machine can be integrated seamlessly with your setup. Customization can be done to ensure compatibility and smooth workflow between different stages of the production process.
  • How accurate and consistent is the detergent filling process?

    The detergent filling machine is designed to ensure accurate and consistent filling of detergent products, maintaining precise volumes for each container. 
    1. Precision controls: The detergent filling machine is equipped with servo motor control systems with piston cylinder that allow for precise control over the filling process. This ensures that the desired volume of detergent is dispensed into each container accurately. The filling accuracy can up to 0.5%
    2. Adjustable filling parameters: The detergent filling machine offers flexibility in adjusting filling parameters such as fill speed, fill level, and cutoff point. This allows for fine-tuning the filling process to achieve the desired volume and consistency for different detergent products, which can operate in touch screen.
  • How difficult is it to operate the detergent filling equipment?

    Our detergent filling machines are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, aiming to simplify the operation process. It is easy operation and good understanding. 
    1. User-friendly interface: The detergent filling equipment features a user-friendly interface with a touch screenthat provides easy access to the machine's functions and settings. The interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing operators to navigate through the different options and parameters effortlessly.
    2. Automated functions: Our detergent filling machines incorporate automation features that streamline the operation process. 
    3. Training and support: We provide comprehensive training sessions on operating the machine, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting techniques. This ensures that your operators have a solid understanding of the equipment and can maximize its performance.
    4. User manual: The detergent filling machine is accompanied by detailed user manual that outline the step-by-step operating procedures.
  • Are after-sales services and technical support provided?

    Yes, complete after-sales services and technical support are provided for detergent filling machines. We understand the importance of ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of the detergent filling machine. Here are some key aspects of our after-sales services and technical support:
    1. Warranty coverage: Pestopack provides assurance and protection against any manufacturing defects or malfunctions. The warranty period is 12 months. In warranty period, any defects can be changed with a new one.
    2. Installation and training support: We provide comprehensive on-site installation and training support for our detergent filling machines to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilization of the equipment.
    3. Technical support: Pestopack provides technical support to address any issues or queries related to the detergent filling machine. Phone support and email communication are avaliable. Our skilled technicians can assist in troubleshooting problems, offering guidance on machine operation, and providing solutions for any technical challenges that may arise.
    4. Spare parts supply: Pestopack has a dedicated supply of genuine spare parts for the detergent filling machine. These parts are designed specifically for the detergent filling machine and ensure compatibility and reliable performance. Prompt availability of spare parts helps minimize downtime in case of any component failures or replacements.
  • What is the price of the detergent filling machine?

    We have a wide range of options for detergent filling machine. The price of a detergent filling machine is depending on various factors, including the specific model, capacity, features, customization requirements, and additional options. To provide an accurate price, it's best to contact our sales team directly.
    We understand that cost is an important consideration for your investment decision. Our pricing is competitive and reflective of the quality, performance, and reliability of our detergent filling machines. We strive to offer cost-effective solutions that align with your budget and production needs.
    When you contact our sales team, they will gather information about your specific requirements, such as the desired production capacity, customization needs, and any additional features you may require. Based on these details, we will provide you with a customized quotation that includes the price of the equipment along with any applicable taxes, shipping charges, and other relevant costs.
    We are committed to providing transparent pricing and ensuring that our customers receive value for their investments. Our sales team will be more than happy to assist you in understanding the pricing structure and guiding you through the purchasing process. Please reach out to us for a personalized quote and to discuss the pricing details of our detergent filling machines.


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